Q&A: virgo characteristics?

virgo characteristics?
virgos are water signs right?
what are female characteristics?
leo are fire signs?
what are female characteristics?
compatability with each other?
is it true that if the leo was born august 15 and is closer to being a virgo that it makes a difference?

Suggestion by angel
virgo are control freak…….if u love a man who control every single things then date a virgo.

about a yr.. my relationship w/virgo ended cz of him being too over protected, control and jealous.

they love to criticized and compared them self to any of your ex’s. they love to be told that their the “BEST”.

Suggestion by Amber[Attack]!
No earth I think..for virgos.
Generally organized, and shy/quiet
And I don’t know their compatability,sorry.

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virgo characteristics

Have you ever met a Virgo that has typical characteristics of that sign?
Cause I am not and I know a lot of Virgos. It is weird,right? I never met Virgo with typical Virgo characteristics: humble,nice,loves working,studding,overly concerned about hygiene and cleaning etc. . .
So why Virgos are not like as its written in the astro books?

Suggestion by J_WALL
Every Virgo i’ve known seemed to fit the description quite well…
i think they’re just a little more confused with themselves than other signs, but eventually they all grow into it

Suggestion by aspicco
Because you don’t fully understand what being Virgo means… if you believe there are only 12 types of people, you need to learn more about astrology.

Every Virgo I have met fits the basic underlying traits of a Virgo. Some have been fun, some cranky, some confused, some competent, some brilliant… you are confusing the symptoms with the underlying motivation…

This is the same with every sign. You have to look past the tiresome astrology book lists like “humble, nice, loves working, studying, overly concerned about hygiene” and see what the foundation of the sign is all about.

An excellent book to read about this concept is The inner Sky by Steven Forrest

Suggestion by M*sery-T
Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am. I have three planets and my NN in Virgo. I think I am.

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virgo characteristics
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  1. Very says

    all the time. but i do know some virgos that are lazy, unsuccessful, unorganized . etc.

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