September 18 birthday more Virgo or Libra characteristics?

September 18 birthday more Virgo or Libra characteristics?
I find the person I know with the September 18th birthday has much more libra characteristics, although they’re a Virgo. How does it figure when you are almost on the cusp of a sign?

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ur a virgo . u dont start seeing the traits of anouther sign until 2 or 3 days befor the sign starts. ur just a virgo ..sorry wierdo…sike im playn. lol

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i was born on sept 18 and im like a virgo, maybe not 100% but im NOT like a libra
you should check out the chinese signs they are more accurate i think

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ultimately it’s which side of the “border”…and even though as they are in cusp territory they will exhibit libra characteristics, they are still virgo..a good book to look up these nuances is a book called “Secret Language of Birthdays”…it’s a great resource for understanding the inner workings of every sign

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virgo characteristics

What are Characteristics of Virgo Rising?
Personality characteristics??

How do the women look (majority) looks wise??

Who is attracted to virgo rising women?

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Feminine with soft features, angel like, and nice jaw structure, pretty looking.

They are shy, Very intellectual, Pure, (Virgo = Virgin).

In the main, most Virgo women are very hardworking and diligent girls.

Their work and vocation are extremely important to them and by nature they are always searching for new avenues in order to improve their position in life

The sign of Virgo provides a person with many skills with which to successfully meet life’s challenges.

The Virgo girl has an extremely ever active mind that, at times can prevent her from relaxing or indeed, being able to fall asleep.

In keeping with her Gemini counterparts, the sign of Taurus is also ruled by Mercury, referred to as the mental planet.

The Taurus girl is gifted with an extremely analytical mind and this can give her a somewhat critical outlook and attitude about life.

This quality can present some problems at time as she can be far too “Fault Finding” both with herself and with others.

The Virgo woman can just as easily discover a hole in your judgment or logic as she can spot one in your sock!

The wise Virgo woman however, is far more aware of abundance rather than lack of it, of opportunity rather than restriction, and how to generate improvement rather than create dissension.

The sign Virgo rules the digestive system and, the Virgo girl can be extremely choosy about what and how she eats

Her Diet, Food, and health are very important to the Virgo woman and, since the Virgo’s stomach and intestines are particularly sensitive, she should never eat meals at a time when she might be emotionally upset.

While the wise and mature Virgo woman is highly discerning about just everything in life, the immature Virgin can rank among the most wasteful and self-indulgent of women.

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People with Virgo rising are often a little understated in their personal mannerisms and appearance, although a lot depends on the position of Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) in the chart. Generally, there is an intelligent and reserved aura about Virgo rising individuals that is unmistakable. These are actually somewhat shy people who need time to analyze things around them before they warm up to both situations and people. This quality can be received exactly as that, or it can be received as a rather stand-offish, cool, and even critical manner (depending on the audience).One of the biggest personality traits of this position is body-awareness. People with Virgo ascendants are sensitive to any discomfort or other signals their body gives them. Many are especially interested and concerned with physical health, and some are attracted to mind-body awareness exercises such as yoga. Virgo rising people are often rather particular about food. Although some have good appetites, there can be an unmistakable pickiness about what they put in and on their bodies.Virgo ascendant natives have a tendency to worry a lot, especially when confronted with new situations. They notice the tiniest details that others overlook.Many people with this position have a tendency to attract (or be attracted to) people who need help. Their relationships may be confusing as a result. Despite the Virgo rising tendency to appear rather collected and professional, relationships can sometimes be messy simply because these natives don’t always see their partners and partnerships clearly. There’s a quiet charm to many Virgo rising people. Once they have the chance to warm up to new people and situations, you’ll find they have a lot to offer. They’ll help you out of a jam, go out on a limb for you, and surprise you with a natural modesty under a somewhat critical and standoffish manner.The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one’s environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual’s first, natural reaction to new people and situations.The characteristics of Virgo Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Virgo Ascendant with its ruling planet, Mercury, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Virgo Ascendant, but whose Mercury is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Virgo Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will “behave” differently than someone with a Virgo Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

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  1. cobalt_blue_0 says

    Libra doesn’t begin until September 23. So being on the cusp, someone born around that date will probably exhibit signs from both signs. I was born on September 24 and I’ve read about Virgo and I exhibit some Virgo qualities. Plus I’ve read that people born at the beginning of Libra should be Virgo anyway because these signs were made centuries ago when the sun passes through the constellations. Well in today’s current skies, some constellations have disappeared and now the sun passes through different ones. They say that if you’re born today on September 24, you’re actually a Virgo. Nothing about the signs is set in stone but if you’re born on the cusp, you have a good chance of mixing both signs.

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