Virgo Male…?

Virgo Male…?
Funny thing…
I recently been talkin to a Virgo guy..
& ive never personally knew a virgo guy..
can sumone explain the virgo personality
to me.. and his compatibility with a cappy?

Suggestion by Ethereal
Is it just me or do virgos really like capricorns… i cant find their connection towards cappys, but its always the virgo going after the cap, initially as friends… (i happen to have a lot of cappy aspects and guess what, virgos just drop by on me)

virgos… perfectionists, detail spotters… examinaters… analizers… “clean freaks”… people who like to hear you say “please can you help me?” :P , workers… dreamers… mind based… playful characters, in a good way, a little crazy and rebel, but thats because they believe their way is right… initially very talkative, mostly with the mind, but also, VERY SHY!!!!! keep that in mind before trying anything with them… your the one whos gonna have to do the stuff (the hunt, sort of speak)… they are also patient but a little demanding sometimes…and always do end out being around you, i cant explain how it happens, but its always the same…

Suggestion by leftie1959
This is a good match. They both appreciate the practical side of life and work and both are conscientious, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility. These two make a very good business match and practical matters.
But there could be lack of feelings, warm emotions and a romantic sparkle. Capricorn admires the systematic, methodical, and logical ways of Virgo and will make him feel that anything is possible.

Most Capricorn people are imbued with ambition and want to get to the top of their life in some way or other.They want to be big in business and a Virgo is just the lass to help this Capricorn achieve his/her heart’s desire.

When Capricorn is apt to sink deep in depression, Virgo may disappear for a few days just to ‘get it together again'; Virgo should avoid all critical nagging at these times.

This relationship is generally easy and natural, allowing you to be stronger as a team than you are as individuals. Whether you are family members, co-workers, or romantic partners, this is one of those combinations that just feels right.

Suggestion by Ashley
the same things the first person said are how i would describe my virgo bf. exactly lol.

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I am a Taurus female and I like a Virgo male but he has a chilly personality sometimes and I don’t know why?
We known each other for awhile because we used to work together but whenever I tell him I’m tired of waiting for him he immediately is apologizing for his behavior.He told my friend he likes me but he does nothing. I’m a patient person but he is ridiculous.

Suggestion by tshnobodysfool
Virgos actions tend to be very self centered and self serving.

Suggestion by loves you
I dunno….but some people do think i’m cold, but i’m reallynot–i just think alot…’s weird… a virgo, that is what virgos tend to do…..but they are also pretty reliable and loyal, cause they are thinking a lot…..and you might think being drenched in a an overemotional scorpio or fire sign is a good thing, but think again–they often fall into impulsive action, and can’t bear any sort of slight….any such slights might provoke them to cheat/mess around…..i’v eseen that with a lot of signs that think less…..

no one is perfect…..and there are positives and negatives to each.

i know for a fact, that if I were less mentally governed, I would not be able to handle the things I handle…..or do the same things I do.

maybe you haven’t gotten the petty fighting out of your system yet??? everyone has that….it’s kind of like teen angst…..ask yourself if you feel that woudl be better paired with other guys, who have a personality more similar to your own–and engage you in more petty squabbles??? or maybe that is only wht you think the love is lacking (and is also a sign of love) b/c that is what you’re used to/there is not enough pettiness in the relationship to distract you from the larger picture???

i think it can take a virgo a while to open up to you, so you should be patient and they would be with you too. And since you’re a taurus, you should probbably also learn to accept people if they are better than you at something (b/c there are a lot of them out there) instead of holding it against them, or trying to even the score by bringing the other down–b/c that’s impossible….there are too many people out there better than too many other pople

though virgos can sometimes come off as insufferable know-it-alls, and they do have issues of their own, but if you think about it, it really can’t hurt that much to have one by your side right???

Suggestion by Mimi
He is just not that into you. Trust me my fiance and my friends boyfriend are both Virgos and when a Virgo man wants someone he goes after it with all of his heart and passion. I moved in with my fiance 1 month after knowing each other and my friend moved in 2 months after being with her boyfriend. Both guys initiated the move in.

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  1. Charlie says

    Take it from me, ask him out. I’m a Virgo and I like girls who are aggressive and take what they want. Telling your friend that he like you is the green light for you, it’s not like he expected your friend not to tell you what he said, don’t be nervous just do it. Chances are he will say yes.

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  2. B says

    Virgos are funny. Part of them is shy, but they only want the best when it comes to a partner. I’ve dated two. One for a four year period. I didn’t have a problem with the one I was with for four years. But, the second one, wow, you wouldn’t believe how indecisive he was. And, I’m the Libra!!! He drove me crazy. Needless to say, I have moved on. But, I think Virgo men is one sign in a man who likes to do the old fashion chasing. If they want you, you will definitely know. They are upfront, once they have decided to make a decision. And if they have put themselves out there, they won’t quit until you change your mind. In my experience with them, if they like you, and won’t really really persue you, it may be another woman he hasn’t completely gotten out of his life….yet. Also, if they aren’t sure about where they stand will you, they will not tell you how much they like you. They will not put themselves out there only to get rejected. Virgos aren’t the most emotional. They’re sensitive, but not emotional.

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