What are the real dates for astrology signs?

What are the real dates for astrology signs?
I’ve heard that the dates in the magazines aren’t the real dates because those dates were from thousands of years ago and the positioning of the planets have changed since then. Is that true? I’ve seen two different lists of dates for astrology signs and I just wanted to know what the real dates were.

Suggestion by Alythedetective
Well, the dates you see in magazines ae based off of Tropical Astrology….which most people use today. However, Tropical Astrology is no longer aligned with where the planets are now, but a long time ago it was….Now, Sidereal Astrology is aligned with the actual planets, constellations, and stars today….For instance in Tropical Astrology, I’m an Aries because I was born April 7th, but in Sidereal Astrology, I’m a Pisces….I feel more like a Pisces!

You can check out the difference in dates at Wikipedia.org.
Just type in Sidereal Astrology and you’ll get a list for both Tropical and Sidereal Astrology…

Hope this Helps!!!

You should pick which Astrology suits you more, and the one you’re most comfortable using….

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How compatible are you if you share the exact same birth date?
I just met a man. Come to find out we share THE EXACT SAME BIRTH DATE! We were both born on June 23. Not only that…I know for a fact we are both completely compatible via our Chinese Zodiac/Astrology signs. He’s 4 years older than me. I’m a Horse and he’s a Tiger. So we are both Cancers and both compatible in Chinese Astrology too…Can 2 Cancers get along? What’s the probability factor of something like this happening? We were like “Whoa!”

Suggestion by meera_ahuja1990
I have a first cousin that was born on the same month day and year as me and we are nothing alike! Plus, we even share some of the same genes

Suggestion by kitty99026
It deppends, maybe a birth chart will tell you or a synastry chart. You may be of the SAME SIGN, but ur Asendant may NOT, since ur four years apart, you two were not born the same exact day or hour. So ur more different than u think, which is good. Look up ur natal chart if u have not already…U can try this website or look up another:
The exact birth time is crucial, since it will illustrate the planets aligments exactly as they were on the moment of ur birth. No two humans are exactly alike.

Suggestion by Dan
In that 4 years some of the planets may have shifted a sign maybe 2.

it may not be the case for like uranus, neptune and pluto as they are almost static. but saturn and jupiter are likely to changed a sign.

as for your inner planets those may be different as well

edit: my sister grew up with this kid that was born exactly 1 hour ahead of her and as far as i know they are very similar

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what astrology sign is your wingman or wingwoman?
for dating, what sign is your wingman or wingwoman to watch your back or whatever.
then tell me your sign. then tell me why this astrology sign is a good wingman or wingwoman for you.

Suggestion by B.B. Wolf
I never used a wing man …….didn’t need one …………………

Suggestion by Bree
I want a Taurus wingwomen they are the most trustworthy less likely to stab me in the back.

EDIT: LOL “to-melt-list” that’s such a smooth term.

Suggestion by т∂℮↑he∂rs y∂.,т∂℮ døи’t care←
Of cos Cancerian! Cancer Pew Pew is my best wingman! He’s got alot of cats on his to-melt-list and he’s willing to give me one of his food off the food chain. THank you Pew Pew!! Thank you!!

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  1. dew says

    I would be like whoa if I met someone with whom I share both date AND year. I know a guy who’s born on Nov 23rd like me, I really like him but he’s a friend of mine’s boyfriend so no touchy-touchy. He has Sag Sun and she has Aqua Sun, they travel a lot, ahh, the romance. I haven’t done a full birth chart comparison on them though.

    So yeah… four years difference means plenty of planets in different places, cool to create attraction though, can’t be all alike, ya?

    You have Sun conjunct Sun which is cool for an ego boost and confirmation of your essential individuality (such expressions make me c u m and I don’t even know what they really mean). So yeah… good for starters but there’s a lot more. But if you feel cool, catch that tiger.

    Man, I have a whole book on Chinese astrology, I haven’t even started it. Except the Tiger part, of course, he he.

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  2. The First Kevin says

    pfffft thats nothing I know a girl that has the same year and month and day as me. Get on my level.

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  3. Mike Rotch says


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